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Are you helping to look after someone such as your partner, relative or friend? Please do let us know if this is the case as we can help refer you to Carer’s services for more information, advice and support.

For more information, visit Carers-Network.

For support and advice for carers in Westminster, visit People First.

Carers UK

They’re here to make sure that no matter how complicated your query or your experience, you don’t have to care alone.

Telephone: 020 7378 4999



Care Planning

All Carers are invited to arrange an appointment at the practice for Care Planning which is a holistic discussion about different aspects of a patient’s care (not just their health concerns). If you haven’t received an invitation for this, please do contact us.

This year Carers Week is 5th to 11th June 2023.


In recognition of the importance of carers, Cavendish Health Centre has made this pledge:-

“To put in place systems to identify carers, proactively connect them to support with their own health and wellbeing, and ensure carers have the information they need to care safely and well.

To offer flexible appointments and services that fit around caring responsibilities.

To support our staff and colleagues who are also carers to get connected to information and support.

To respect and value unpaid carers’ expertise on the needs and preferences of the person they care for."

We will continue to try to identify carers by having  information for carers in our waiting room and on our website. We have added a news item about carers on our website and also our Google listing. There is also a question aimed at identifying carers on our new patient registration form.”

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