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Nursing Team Appointments

Blood Samples

Here to help....

Our friendly nursing team is on hand to help with your medical needs.

If your appointment involves one or more of the following, please book in with the appropriate healthcare professional.


Please note that different procedures require varying appointment times so please discuss this with the reception team.

Please book the following appointments with a nurse:

Asthma review /  Diabetes review / Dressings / Ear Syringing / Immunisations/  Smears / Smoking Cessation / Spirometry / Stitch Removal / Swabs / Travel / Zoladex


Please book the following appointments with the health care assistant:

Blood Pressure Check / Blood Test / ECG / Ear Syringing / NHS Health Check / New Patient Health Check

Blood tests can also be booked with our dedicated phlebotomy team

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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